Payment Terms: The customer agrees to pay the FULL price applicable for each product and/or service (including any sales tax, proofing fees, rush fees and shipping fees) UPON PLACEMENT OF THE ORDER unless an alternative billing arrangement is agreed upon in writing. All customer orders MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE WORK BEGINS. Should the customer fail to pay as agreed, or pays with a check dishonored by the bank, M. Hopple & Co. may, at its option cancel the order, delay or withhold shipment pending payment, charge $40.00 for each dishonored check, and/or charge interest on the unpaid balance at a rate of 1.5% per month or the maximum rate permitted by law not to exceed 18% per year. In the event of non-payment customer shall be liable for all costs of collection, including attorney fees. As security for payment of any sum due under the terms of an agreement, M. Hopple & Co. has the right to hold and place a lien on all customer property in the possession of M. Hopple & Co. This right applies even if credit has been extended, notes have been accepted, trade acceptances have been made, or payment has been guaranteed.

Cancellation/Returns: Due to the custom nature of our business, returns of personalized items are not accepted. As indicated in the proofing section below, final proofing is the responsibility of the customer. If an error has occurred on the part of M. Hopple & Co. we will work to correct the problem. IN-HOUSE BRIDAL AND SPECIAL OCCASION ORDERS: If you should need to cancel your order before approval of your custom design, a cancellation fee of up to 50% may be imposed. Proofing fees (including live proofs), design fees, shipping costs, stock and other materials are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT RETURNABLE. Once an order has been approved to print and placed into our print queue, the order cannot be cancelled. IN-HOUSE IMPRINTABLE AND STATIONERY ORDERS: Inventory stock is subject to a 10% restocking charge upon cancellation of the order. Special order stock is not refundable. Typesetting, design, rush and proofing fees (if applicable) are not refundable. PERSONALIZED VENDOR ORDERS: All orders placed with an outside vendor in the proofing process are subject to a cancellation fee of up to 50%. Proof fees and/or rush fees associated with the order are not refundable. Any additional cancellation fees from the vendor may be passed on to the customer at the discretion of M. Hopple & Co. Once an order has been approved to print with a vendor (or the proofing process has been waived), the order cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded.

Fees and Additions: PROOFING FEES: For in-house (graphics) stationery and invitation orders, the first TWO digital proofs are complimentary. Each additional digital proof is $15.00. An additional fee will occur for major changes including, but not limited to: stock change, layout, content and style. For in-house wedding proofs a $50.00 proof fee includes THREE digital proofs plus ONE live proof. Live proofs will not be printed until a final design has been approved. Each additional live proof is $15.00. For orders from outside vendors: stationery and accessory orders are subject to a $30.00 proof fee which includes TWO digital proofs. Each additional proof is $40.00. For wedding, invitation and special occasion orders a $50.00 proof fee applies and includes THREE digital proofs. Each additional proof is $40.00. Live proofs are not available for outside vendor orders unless arrangements can be made with the vendor. The customer is responsible for any fees associated with live press proofs. M. Hopple & Co. reserves the right to pass on any and all proofing fees that are incurred during the ordering process should they exceed the above guidelines. Proofing fees for both in-house and outside vendor orders are non-refundable. RUSH FEES: If timing is an issue, please notify us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs, however, the following rush guidelines will apply. (See also Production Schedules.) Any in-house graphics rush orders must be approved by the graphics department manager and can vary in cost by season or the current production schedule. Rush fees will be quoted on a case by case basis, with a minimum fee of $25.00. Rush fees are non-refundable. Order rushes and fees are not applicable to orders with an outside vendor unless arrangements can be made with the vendor. The customer is responsible for any fees and/or shipping costs that may result. SHIPPING FEES: The customer is responsible for all shipping fees related to their order. Shipping fees for special orders and special stock will be determined when the order is placed and are determined based on weight, location and freight charges. Drop ship orders and residential deliveries will be an additional $10.00. If weight or delivery location incurs additional fees or costs the customer will be notified and charged accordingly. If expedited shipping is necessary, the cost will be determined by the vendor and passed on to the customer.

Proofing: M. Hopple & Co. will submit digital proofs via email for the customer’s review and approval. (See also Fees and Additions.) In addition, proofs may also be viewed in our store during regular business hours. To avoid communication errors, we prefer to communicate only with the customer who placed the order. Corrections must be returned to M. Hopple & Co. marked 1.) Proof is approved as is; I agree with all terms and conditions, proceed with printing. 2.) Please make noted changes and proceed with printing. 3.) Please make changes noted and send an additional proof. Please help prevent mistakes and reprints by reading over your proof carefully. It is extremely important that you read each word, checking for any misspellings, punctuation and/or grammatical errors including but not limited to: names, dates, times, places, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. For example, make sure the listed day of the week corresponds with the correct date on the calendar. If we notice an error, we will bring it to the customer’s attention, but the customer is fully responsible for accepting the proof content. We recommend that the customer print off their proof if possible, as mistakes are more easily caught in print than on a screen. While reading over your proof, be sure that none of your information has been omitted. Lastly, we recommend that multiple people read over the proof, or the customer reads it backwards. Proof approvals or changes can be made via email or in person in our store. NO FINAL APPROVALS WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA TELEPHONE: we will not proceed with an order until approval has been giving IN WRITING, either in person, via email or via fax. Once we receive the final approval, we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes that may have occurred in the proofing process. COLOR: The customer understands that with digital proofing and printing, slight color variations may result due to email distortion and the brightness and contrast of individual computer monitor settings. Proofs viewed on a monitor screen will not reflect exact colors. A regular in-store printout of your proof also will not reflect the exact colors or crispness of the final product. LIVE PROOFS: For orders with photos, heavy ink coverage or large suites, we HIGHLY recommend a live proof. Live proofs will not be printed until a final design has been approved. The customer is welcome to take the live proof off the premises, but until the live proof is returned, no additional work will be performed. If a live proof is declined, M. Hopple & Co. is not responsible for any reprint costs if the customer is dissatisfied. (See also Printing and Color.)

Printing and Color: Approving the proof is the customer’s responsibility before an order can be printed. The order will not be placed into our print and production queue until full payment for the order has been received. The order will be placed in the queue on the day it was approved or paid in full, not by the original order date. M. Hopple & Co. is not responsible for any time lost if the order is not approved or the balance not paid. Turnaround time can vary with seasonal demands, please allow AT LEAST 3-5 business days for order completion after approval for in-house orders. Turnaround time for orders from an outside vendor must be determined by the vendor’s current printing schedule on a case by case basis. (Business days are considered Monday through Friday.) Unless specifically requested, any custom work (excluding wedding suites) may include the M. Hopple & Co. logo placed at our discretion. COLOR: We will color match to the best of our ability, color matching does not occur until the final proof approval or the request of a live proof on the paper stock you have chosen. As with any custom or handmade product, variations may occur. These include but are not limited to variance in ink or paper color and paper dimensions. Every effort is made to maintain consistency between displayed and proofed design and the final product, but this is affected by many factors beyond our control. ERRORS: No reprints at our expense will be printed. If an error is noticed after printing has occurred, the customer is responsible for all production costs and applicable fees related to reprinting the order. STOCK: While printing, printer malfunctions beyond our control may occur. M. Hopple & Co. reserves the right to replace damaged stock with a similar option as we deem necessary. The customer will be notified prior to pick-up if any such discrepancies occur.

Production Schedules: Production schedules will be established and followed by both the customer and M. Hopple & Co., provided that M. Hopple & Co. will not incur any liability or penalty for delays due to a state of war, riot, civil disorder, fire, strikes, accidents, action of government or civil authority, acts of God, weather or other cases beyond the control of M. Hopple & Co. Any costs incurred due to delays by the customer shall be charged for at the current rates of M. Hopple & Co. When the customer does not adhere to production schedules, or provide information in a timely manner, final delivery dates will be subject to renegotiation. M. Hopple & Co. also reserves the right to adjust the production schedule as M. Hopple & Co. deems a business necessity. Production schedule may vary seasonally.

Assembly: Assembly is NOT guaranteed, and is offered in addition to your invitation order. Some designs may require minor assembly when an embellishment is part of the design and will be estimated accordingly. M. Hopple & Co. makes every effort to use the best and appropriate adhesive and mounting tools for the materials being used. Please note, pocket invitations will not be collated unless estimated and approved by the customer. When sealing your envelopes, please follow vendor instructions carefully. Always use an envelope moistener with glue or double sided tape and apply pressure to seal the envelopes. M. Hopple & Co. is not responsible for any damages to product caused by the customer during assembly, collating or mailing once the order leaves the premises.

Quotation/Estimates: Estimates are based on the accuracy of the specifications provided. M. Hopple & Co. reserves the right tore-estimate a job at the time of submission if the order does not conform to the information on which the original quotation was based. A quotation not accepted within 30 days may be changed or updated if necessary.

Design/Creative Work: Design work, experimental or otherwise, performed at the customer’s request will be charged to the
customer at the current hourly rates of M. Hopple & Co. All design work MUST be paid for in advance based on a time estimate. M. Hopple & Co. reserves the right to charge for additional hours of creative work as needed. This work may not be used or duplicated without the written consent of M. Hopple & Co. Sketches, copies, mock ups, proofs (digital and live) are the exclusive property of M. Hopple & Co.

Customer Furnished Materials: Artwork, dies, papers or other materials furnished by the customer must be usable without operation or repair. Items not meeting this requirement will be repaired by the customer or by M. Hopple & Co. at the current hourly rates. We reserve the right to refuse to print on stock purchased from a third-party vendor and are not responsible for loss that may occur due to printing errors or difficulties. M. Hopple & Co. is not responsible for low resolution files submitted and their quality during printing. (See also Copyright.) Please note M. Hopple & Co. does not have an on-staff hand calligrapher. Any hand calligraphy arrangements must be made with a third-party vendor. We will happily provide a list of recommendations at the customer’s request.

Outside Materials: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all outside purchases related to a project as requested or authorized by the customer are chargeable and non-refundable.

Claims: Claims for defects, damages or shortages must be made by the customer within 24 hours after delivery or pick up. If no claim is made within said time period, the customer accepts the order free of any claim for defects, damages, or shortages, and pursuant to all terms, conditions and specifications. All orders printed in-house are double counted and labeled. Upon pick-up the customer is signing for final delivery quantity; the customer is encouraged to inspect and count the order at this time. Under no circumstances shall M. Hopple & Co.be liable to customer or any third-party for consequential damages.

Postage and Mailing: M. Hopple & Co. is not responsible for postage costs or estimates related to postage. We highly recommend taking a complete invitation with all pieces and embellishments to the United States Post Office branch location that you plan to take the completed invitations for mailing. The invitation should be weighed and a price quoted by a USPS clerk. Please note, postal scale weights may vary from location to location so you should always mail from the branch in which you received the estimate. It’s best to mail your invitations on a clear day or take them inside the Post Office to be processed. M. Hopple & Co. will not be responsible for any miscalculations in postage costs, or damages that may occur to our products during mailing.

Copyright: The customer must warrant that artwork, logos, photographs, wording etc. to be printed are not copyrighted by a third party. The customer also recognizes subject matter does not have to bear a copyright notice to be protected by copyright law, absence of such notice does not necessarily assure a right to reproduce. The customer further warrants no copyright notice has been removed from any material used in preparing the subject matter for reproduction. To support these warranties, the customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless M. Hopple & Co. for all liability, damages, and attorney fees that may be incurred in any legal action connected with copyright infringement involving the work produced or provided. We will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement conflicts resulting from artwork, copy or photographs submitted by a customer. An Authorization to Reproduce form must accompany all professional photographs.

Design Copyright: All designs and proofs are the property of M. Hopple & Co. and reprinting, duplicating, displaying, photographing or distributing without our written permission is strictly prohibited. You may display pictures of your designed invitation as long as credit is noted to M. Hopple & Co. (social media, blogs, magazines etc.) The customer further understands that all products, artwork and custom designs are the property of M. Hopple & Co. and may be used by us at any time as samples, promotional and marketing materials, in publications, on our website and/or blog, social media accounts, further reproduction and any other purpose determined by M. Hopple & Co. to promote our designs and brand.

Personal or Economic Rights: The customer warrants the work is not libelous, scandalous or contain information that threatens anyone’s right to privacy or other personal or economic rights. The customer will, at the customer’s sole expense, promptly and thoroughly defend M. Hopple & Co. in all legal actions on these grounds as long as M. Hopple & Co.: 1. Promptly notifies the customer of legal action. 2. Gives the customer reasonable time to undertake and conduct a defense. M. Hopple & Co. reserves the right to use its sole discretion in refusing to print anything we deem libelous, scandalous, improper, or infringing on copyright law.

Use of Information Submitted: The customer agrees that M. Hopple & Co. is free to use any comments, information or ideas contained in any communication the customer may send to M. Hopple & Co., without notice, compensation or acknowledgement to the customer, for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products and services and creating, modifying or improving the website or other products or services.

Idea Submissions: Any ideas and/or suggestions that the customer submits will be owned by M. Hopple & Co. and the customer hereby irrevocably assigns any intellectual property rights in such ideas and suggestions to M. Hopple & Co.

Delivery: Unless otherwise specified, all shipments are delivered directly to M. Hopple & Co. The customer is responsible
for shipping and delivery costs associated with their order as stated by our shipping schedule. M. Hopple & Co. will not be held responsible for drop ship items not received by the customer or any delays in shipping that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

Insurance and Liability: M. Hopple & Co. will maintain fire and extended coverage on property belonging to the customer while the property is in the possession of M. Hopple & Co. Liability for such property will not exceed the amount recoverable from insurance. M. Hopple & Co. is not responsible for damages and/or loss that may occur after such items have left the premises.

Taxes: All taxes and assessments levied by any governmental authority are the responsibility of the customer. All amounts due for taxes and assessments will be added to the customer’s sales order. No tax exemption will be granted unless the customer’s “Exemption Certificate,” or other official proof of exemption, accompanies the order. If, after the customer has paid, it is determined more tax is due, the customer must promptly remit the additional taxes.

Electronic Notices and Privacy: By placing an order with M. Hopple & Co., the customer agrees to receive electronic communications from M. Hopple & Co. The customer agrees that any notice, agreement, disclosure or other communication that M. Hopple & Co. sends the customer electronically will satisfy any legal communication requirements, including that such communications be in writing. M. Hopple & Co. does not sell or share customer information with other services or vendors beyond what is necessary for billing and shipping.

Telecommunications: M. Hopple & Co. is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or extra costs resulting from faults in transmission. M. Hopple & Co. will not be held responsible for order delay related to unreceived email or phone calls.