got a face lift!

Well here it is… our new website! For the past seven months our creative design team has been working like crazy ladies to pull our new, stylish website together. Our end goal was simply to provide you with the best “user experience” possible. With the help of our trusty and extremely patient web developer,  J. Chase Crafton,  we were able to bring our dream custom website to life.  It took many months (or an eternity in our minds) of planning, development, and lots and lots of trial and error moments to get this site ready for public release.  Thus, we are overly ecstatic to finally launch our new site and hope you love it as much as we do!

So what has changed and how does this affect you?

Our top priority has always been to focus on the audience that matters most…you, our M. Hopple & Co customers. We’ve worked hard to make every section of this site easier to read, organized and packed with content, so you can quickly find the information you want when you want it.  We hope we have delivered on this.

Besides the obvious revamped design and new watercolor branding, we also have a number of new features, including our very first online store (yay!), entire section dedicated to our awesome creative design team, and the ability to sign up to our customer newsletter (located at the bottom of the page).   Plus, we will be regularly updating our blog so you will always be in the loop on our Hopple Happening.